• Cleanliness
          Most women care deeply about cleanliness and this will be a major focus for the staff and ownership of Befit Women's Fitness Center.

  • Friendliness and Non-Intimidating Environment
           Many women are turned off by the “hard sell” experienced at many other fitness centers for women only and by the “hard body” mentality that often   
           seems to prevail. BeFit Women’s Fitness Center will be operated by staff who understand these negative signals and will go out of their way to make   
           women of all ages and physical conditions feel welcome and comfortable.
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6746 Covington Highway, Suite 101 Lithonia, GA 30058
770-323-6464 | befitnessforwomen@yahoo.com
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About Our Fitness Center for Women Only

  • Relationships
           Our weight loss center in GA recognizes that many people don’t enjoy exercise. Therefore, the staff has been conditioned to learn and remember    
           member names and interests to create an environment where members can be “part of the family”.

  • Quality and Professionalism
           BeFit Women’s Fitness Center will provide an upscale environment for women's fitness needs, offering the state-of-the-art cardiovascular and      
           strength training exercise equipment as well as certified personal trainers, and group exercise instructors.
     • Affordability 
            BeFit Women’s Fitness Center is a gym in GA that provides quality fitness at a fraction of the cost.

  • Total Health
           BeFit Women’s Fitness Center believes that total health means more than daily exercise. Therefore, the club will provide members with ongoing    
           educational lectures and social events to meet the intellectual and social needs of our members.

  • Results
           Unlike so many other health clubs and fitness centers who take your money and then “hope you never come”, Befit Women’s Fitness Center prides     
           itself on how often its members visit the club and the results they achieve. In the long run, if members don’t achieve their goals, they are likely to lose 
           their motivation and interest.

  • Honesty, Integrity & Reputation
           BeFit Women’s Fitness Center prides itself on keeping its word and building the trust and loyalty of its members.

Meet The Trainers

We would like to take a moment and introduce you to the wonderful trainers we have at BeFit Women Fitness Center. All of our trainers are certified and ready to develop a workout plan just for you! Our trainers focus on women’s wellness and women’s fitness areas. Each of our trainers are devoted to focusing on your well being and overall fitness. Read about our trainers and find out which trainer is best for you!
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Egypt’s Pole Dancing career began randomly while searching for volunteer work summer 2010 at Pole Dance 411 Studios. She began volunteering as a summer camp counselor/dance teacher. Egypt was then offered a position as a dance instructor. She trained through Dance 411’s Pole Ph.D program. After about 8 months she then became the lead instructor for the Pole Dance 411 program. Since finding her passion she has taught several pole classes and workshops, starred in upcoming 2014 movie “Music is My Life”, and now has her own space at BeFit Women’s Fitness Center and coordinate BeFit’s Pole Program. Egypt is currently a Pole Instructor at Metropolitan Dance Studios conducting pole fitness workshops. Though the Pole Dancing industry is fairly fresh to Egypt her performance skills are superb. ​
Robert Robinson

Robert has been involved in athletics throughout his childhood and adult life. He played football throughout grade school and college. After graduating high school Robert joined the United States Military to support his family. He excelled in all sports; baseball, track, football, and basketball. He has coached sports since retiring from the United States Military. As of now he is a personal trainer and coach for tournament softball. He enjoys teaching and training children to be all they can be and to take advantage of all talents.

Carolyn Hurst-Robinson

Carolyn has been interested in living a healthy lifestyle and weight management since 2006. She then enrolled in a program for personal training to begin her new healthy lifestyle. She has been an active and impassioned personal trainer for many years. This dedication has given her the means to take the knowledge that she’s gained and apply it towards helping people improve their lives. With a love for exercise and the desire to offer better solutions for maintaining healthier lifestyles for women in her community, she opened BeFit Women's Fitness Center in June of 2007. Her goal has been to bridge the gap between the work of doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists with the skills and knowledge of a qualified exercise specialist.